Effective Mixed Hearing Loss Treatment

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Mixed Hearing Loss

Understanding it and how to treat it

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Mixed Hearing Loss

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Mixed Hearing Loss


Mixed hearing loss is the title used when a patient is suffering from a combination of conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. This means that both the middle ear and inner ear are causing problems simultaneously. It is also given to patients who develop the first after already suffering from the second form of hearing loss.


It is very common for patients to suffer from mixed hearing loss, and there are many different causes for this type of hearing loss. Most causes of mixed hearing loss are due to the causes of either of the basic hearing loss types. However, there are no known causes to sensorineural hearing loss, and it is commonly suspected and agreed that it is due to a number of things, including tumors, age and viral infections. Conductive hearing loss is seen in patients whose ears are not allowing sound waves to pass through correctly meaning the ear does not vibrate as it should.


This type of hearing loss can be diagnosed in a number of ways. Usually the sensorineural is experienced first. Many patients will suffer from vertigo or tinnitus. Tinnitus is a constant sound appearing in the ear which is not really there, usually a ringing or a buzzing. Other symptoms also include struggling to cope with background noise or struggling to hear the letters z, s and f.


As these symptoms progress, conductive hearing loss may be common with a buildup of ear wax or fluids or due to ear infections. These symptoms are usually reversible however it does not cure the original problems of the hearing loss.


There are a number of treatments when it comes to hearing loss, and this form will often see the conductive hearing loss being treated first. One mixed hearing loss treatment is through the use of antibiotics to clear up infections that have been found in the ear. Another popular treatment is draining any fluid in the ear or clearing out the earwax. This can help the patient who is suffering extra discomfort in the ear due to the feeling of the fluid or wax building up.


Of course, it is very difficult to treat sensorineural hearing loss, since it is very difficult to determine the cause. There have been times that surgery has helped, if the problem has been the need to repair a nerve, but this is extremely uncommon. More often than not this hearing loss is permanent and there is nothing that can help to cure the problem. Yet, there are ways to make it easier on the patient.


One way that can help people still integrate with people is through the use of a hearing aid. With a hearing aid, sounds are taken in by a small microphone and then amplified through a speaker and into a patient’s ear.


A lot of the time, this initial form of hearing loss is due to an affected cochlea nerve. Due to this, a cochlear implant is often more effective. Cochlear implants are separated in two pieces; one internal and the other external. The internal part of the device is placed under the skin and made a bed into the bone just by the cochlea nerve. This helps to send vibrations to the nerve fiber to help stimulate it, which helps with the hearing. The external part is placed behind the ear, just above the internal part. This uses a microphone to pick up all noise and then through magnets, the signals are passed to the internal half of the device so that it can do its job to help the patient hear. There are times that young children suffer from problems with the cochlea nerve and these implants have been proved to be extremely effective to help them in their school and social life. It is now common for many businesses and places that people frequently visit to have technology to assist with the use of these devices.


It is important that all hearing loss, not just mixed hearing loss, is diagnosed by a doctor as soon as possible. Some types are reversible through antiviral medication or surgery while others can be alleviated through devices while still many more cases can be helped by taking The Hearing Fix.