Effective Low Frequency Hearing Loss Treatment

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Low Frequency Hearing Loss

What it is and how to treat it

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low frequency hearing loss

Low Frequency Hearing Loss: Causes, symptoms, and how to deal with it.

When a person cannot hear low frequency sound waves, it is called low frequency hearing loss. The immediate cause of this is that the ear is impaired in its function, rendering it useless in picking up the low frequency vibrations from the surrounding environment. This short article will tell you more about the nature of this condition, what causes it, and how to deal with it.

First of all, low frequency hearing loss is the hardest kind to detect. This is because of many factors - the main among them being the fact that most of the low frequency sounds do not play that big a role in an average person's life. Also, studies have suggested that most of the information that is contained in low frequency sound waves is also accompanied by waves in the mid- and high-frequency bands. Thus, the problem arises only if there is a source that emits only low frequency sounds - then the sufferer will not be able hear a single thing.

It has been found that this form of hearing loss is manifested with the improper hair growth or damage in the inner ear. Now there are several reasons for this to happen. One is that it is a genetic condition - and hence low frequency hearing loss is found to be a strongly inherited characteristic. Another cause might be a rare disease called Meniere's disease, in which the membrane of the ear weakens and progressively deteriorates over time. Childhood illness or explicit ear infections may also lead to this condition.

Whatever be the cause, the treatments for this condition are limited. One method lies in the use of specifically designed hearing aids that catch the low frequency sounds and transmit them to the auditory cortex. However, most of the hearing aids in the market are designed to enhance high frequency sounds. Low frequency hearing aids are also available, though they might be slightly harder to get and more expensive than the high frequency, more common, ones. We recommend that those suffering give our state of the art hearing loss treatment a try. It is called "The Hearing Fix". Please CLICK HERE to learn more about this ground breaking treatment.

Another difficulty is that it is more cumbersome to amplify low frequency sounds without amplifying the ambient noise. This, and a host of other problems, makes it hard to manage this particular condition. Yet, it is very important to detect low frequency hearing loss as early as possible, keep it under check, and it possible try to rectify/repair it. This is because thunder, traffic noises, barking dogs, etc. all comes under low frequency sounds.