Resound Hearing Aids Reviews 2012

resound hearing aids reviews

Review of ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound hearing aids are at the forefront of acoustic solutions. Each ReSound device is fitted with advanced digital technology that offers a clear and comfortable hearing experience for the user. Resound hearing aids can be used to treat, mild, moderate, mildly severe and severe hearing loss. There are over half a dozen different models available, each offering various unique features. Today, Resound hearing aids are used by hundreds and thousands of people across the country and millions around the world.

Resound Hearing Aids: The Company

Resound has been developing hearing solutions for users for over six decades. In that period the company has grown. Founded in 1943, ReSound has been responsible for many ground breaking successes, one of which is the dot 2, the smallest and lightest hearing aid available. Today, Resound is committed to providing innovative hearing solutions that can be used to provide natural hearing for people faced with hearing challenges.


ReSound hearing aids: Categories

ReSound hearing aids can be found in different styles and categories. Each individual’s choice will be determined by their preferences and physical needs. There are small models, invisible models and large models. All told, ReSound hearing aids can be broadly grouped under three different categories;


  • Custom in the Ear Models
  • Behind the Ear Models
  • Remote Microphone Technology models.

resound hearing aids
The following is a breakdown of these options.

Custom in the Ear Models: Custom-in-the ear hearing aids are suitable options for people who desire less visible hearing solutions. They are customized to fit within the interior canal of the ear. Alongside their aesthetic value, custom in the Ear models provide users with a lot more flexibility in their wardrobe and lifestyle. They can be used with hats, different hair styles or glasses. They can also be used when answering the phone. Resound custom hearing aids can either be found as Full Shell, Half Shell, Canal, Complete in the Canal and Mini Canal models.


Behind the Ear Models: Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids are suitable for people experience mild to severe hearing loss. Like the name suggests, behind the ear models are ReSound hearing aids that are worn behind the ear. The external piece is connected to a molded receiver which is customized to fit with the outer ear. Behind the ear hearing aids can either be controlled manually or built with automatic control options. Most BTE ReSound hearing aids are equipped with volume controls and dedicated programmable push button. They are also fitted with larger batteries and are therefore capable of sustaining longer charge lengths.


Remote Microphone Technology Models: Remote microphone hearing aids offer advanced hearing solutions that adopt the positive features found with BTE and ITE models while ignoring the negatives. Remote Microphone ReSound hearing aids are suitable for people experiencing mild to severe hearing loss. Like BTE hearing aids, parts of the device are worn in the outer ear. The external microphone is then connected to the internal receiver via a thin transparent tube.  Remote Microphone hearing aids offer better comfort value and reduced noise interference.
Another factor that is likely to affect the ReSound hearing aids that people choose is where they intend on using these devices. Different hearing aids are suited to different listening environments. For instance, the Resound Live 5 and Resound Alera 5 are a suitable option for casual conversations, watching television and similar quiet listening environments. However, for moderate listening environments such as the shopping malls, social centers and meetings, the Resound Alera 7 or Resound dot2 will be a more ideal option. For even louder environments such as concerts or restaurants, hearing devices such as the ReSound Alera 9 will be worth considering.



Resound Hearing Aids are a good choice for anyone suffering from mild to severe hearing loss. For the best hearing solution, it is advised the people consider where the hearing aids will be used and the style that they will be most comfortable with. Resound hearing aids can be customized to fit comfortably with the contours of the ear. Before making a decision, it is advised that people consult with an audiologist or a similar specialist. An audiologist will be able to access a person’s hearing and prescribe the right hearing solution.