2012 Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids Reviews

Sonic innovations hearing aids reviews


Describing sonic Innovations as one of the fastest growing hearing aid manufacturers in the world would be no idle boast. Since its launch, the company has quickly carved a name for itself with its designs and acoustic solutions.  Sonic innovations offers advanced hearing devices fitted with some of the company’s patented technology.

Sonic Innovation Styles/Brands

Just as is found with other companies, the decision of which hearing brand to choose will be determined by a person’s hearing needs. Sonic innovation hearing devices can be used to treat mild to moderately severe hearing loss. The company’s list of products includes BTE and ITC hearing aids among other options. Sonic Innovation offers close to a dozen different models which offer unique benefits to different hearing needs. These include the;


  • Sonic Groove
  • Sonic Endure
  • Sonic Flip
  • Sonic Ion
  • Sonic Velocity
  • Sonic Varicom
  • Sonic Pearl



sonic innovations hearing aids reviews

Sonic hearing aids Prices/Cost

The cost of a sonic hearing aid varies with different models. The most affordable sonic innovation hearing aids currently on offer are the Sonic Flip and Sonic Velocity which can be bought anywhere between $1,500 to $1,800 (depending on the dispenser). The Sonic Flip is light, compact and comes with a lengthy battery charge that makes it suitable for most lifestyles. On the other end, the Sonic Groove and Sonic Varicom are two of the more expensive options costing between $2,300 and $3,000. The Groove is a CIC hearing device that can be customized to fit the contours of the ear. These are fitted with the most advanced innovations from sonic and offer superior listening experiences.

Sonic Hearing aids User Experience

Beyond the functionality and cost of a hearing device, comfort is a key factor with most people’s decisions. Sonic hearing aids are generally easy to use. Their compact size and light weight enhances their form value making it easy for people to wear for extended periods. Some users report being unable to feel their hearing aids after a few weeks of constant use while others take slightly longer to adjust to the experience of using one. All told, Sonic Innovations offers reliable hearing solutions that can fit the needs of individuals suffering from hearing loss. With hearing solutions costing as high as $3000 however, it may not be the most affordable option for people working on a budget.


The Bottom Line

Sonic innovation hearing aids offer a compact and lightweight design backed by useful technologies. Their cost however may make them a less attractive option for buyers with fixed budgets.