Reviews of Phonak Hearing Aids

phonak hearing aids review

Phonak Hearing Aids Reviews

Are Phonak hearing aids a suitable choice for hearing loss treatment? That’s a popular question asked by many people. The following is a quick review on the cost, performance and options available with Phonak hearing aids.


Phonak Hearing aids are designed by ‘PHONAK’—an award winning Swiss manufacturing company that specializes in acoustic solutions. Phonak Hearing aids are recognized for their attractive designs and advanced technological features. Phonak manufactures some of the smallest hearing aids in the industry with revolutionary features that offer added comfort and convenience to the user.

Phonak Hearing Aids Reviews

Phonak Hearing Aids: Types and Models

Individuals who wish to buy Phonak hearing aids can choose from a broad range of styles. Phonak hearing aids are designed to cater to different hearing needs. These include

  • In the Ear (ITE) hearing aids (worn in the ear)
  • Completely in the Canal (CIC) Hearing aids (least visible accessory)
  • Behind the Ear (BTE) Hearing aids (most visible model)

In addition to the different styles, Phonak manufactures close to a dozen different brands fitted with digital or analog solutions. Their list of products include

  • Phonak Ambra
  • Phonak Audeo S Mini
  • Phonak Nano
  • Phonal Audeo S Smart
  • Phonak Naida
  • Phonak Nios Micro
  • Phonak Cassia
  • Phonak Versata Art
  • Phonak Excelia Art
  • Phonak Certerna Art
  • Phonak Milo/Milo Plus
  • Phonak Audeo YES
  • Phonak Nano
  • Phonak Una

Each of these different models is fitted with varying levels of technology designed to offer different kinds of support.

phonak hearing aids cost

Phonak Hearing Aid Cost.

The cost of Phonak hearing aids vary with the different models. Like most hearing solutions, people can expect to pay more for lighter, smaller and more advanced models. CIC models are typically more expensive than ITE models which in turn cost more than BTE models. Phonak hearing aids fitted with the advanced digital hearing features will also cost more. In all, the cost of Phonak hearing aids ranges from $3,000 to $1599—with the most expensive model being the Phonak Ambra and the least expensive model being the Phonak Nilo. Some hearing solutions such as the Lyric may be bought under a subscription platform.

The Bottom Line
Phonak hearing aids can be used to treat cases of mild to medium hearing loss. The company offers a wide range of options which ensures that most people are likely to find the right fit for their needs. Phonak hearing aids are recognized for their superiority in design and technology. However, the cost of Phonak devices is higher than other models.