Oticon Hearing Aids Reviews 2012

Oticon Hearing Aids Review

Oticon is a popular global manufacturer of hearing aids. Thousands of people use these hearing aids for their hearing solutions. But how effective are these hearing aids and are they right fit for your hearing needs? The following covers some of these details.


Oticon hearing aids are manufactured by the popular eponymous Danish company.  As a company, Oticon is recognized for their unending desire to provide acoustic solutions that people can comfortably use. Oticon has led the stride in the advancements of different hearing solutions. Their hearing aids are highly rated around the world including the Epoq Hearing aid which won the 2007 Danish award of Product for the year.

Oticon Hearing Aids Reviews

Oticon hearing aids Styles and brands

Like most manufacturers, Oticon hearing aids are available in the standard options of Behind-the-Ear, In-the-Ear and Completely-in-the-Canal. Oticon hearing aids are constantly upgraded with new technologies designed to improve the listening experience.  Oticon manufactures different models and brands, each with varying features. Their list of products includes;


  • Oticon Agil
  • Oticon Acto
  • Oticon Dual Connect
  • Oticon Epoq model
  • Oticon Delta model
  • Oticon Go Pro
  • Oticon Safari model
  • Oticon Sumo




Oticon Hearing Aids: Cost

The wide range of models available with Oticon makes it easier for people to find and choose the right hearing fit for their needs. Oticon hearing aids are however not as affordable as other options. The cheaper brands such as the Oticon Intigia and Oticon Acto cost as much as $1,800.  Oticon’s Agil is even more expensive costing over $3,000. Individuals who are searching for budget friendly hearing aids may find the cost of Oticon hearing aids a bit pricey—especially if they plan on upgrading in the near future. Discount options may be found with NGOs, private insurers or special stores.


The Bottom Line

Oticon’s line of hearing aids is fitted with some of the best advancement in acoustic solutions. This makes them an attractive option for most users. The company is constantly striving to expand on the strength of its product line by funding hearing solution research at universities and centers around the world. Oticon’s hearing aids can easily be bought at an accredited center. However, the cost of the hearing aid might deter most from considering this option. Before purchasing an Oticon hearing aid, individuals are strongly encouraged to consult with a doctor, audiologist or skilled professional to determine their hearing needs.