Lyric Hearing Aid Reviews 2013

Lyric hearing aid reviews


Lyric is described as the world’s first fully invisible extended wear hearing device. Once inserted, it is built to be worn for extended periods and can be used for weeks or months at a time. As a result of its advertised features, Lyric hearing aids have grown to become very popular. But there are different details about its use that people will need to consider before investing in one.

Lyric Hearing aid Benefits

There are several benefits to considering Lyric hearing aids.  One of these is how adaptable the hearing aid is. Once inserted, Lyric can be worn while you shower, exercise, swim or sleep. You can also use Lyric while talking on the phone, watching movies or following conversations with loud background noise. Lyric hearing aids reside within the curve in the ear canal meaning that they are to all purpose invisible. The only person who will notice that hearing aid is being worn is you.

Lyric combines its aesthetic features and comfort factor with really good sound quality. Built by Phonak, a world leading acoustic solutions company, Lyric is fitted with many of the advanced technological solutions linked with digital devices. Its position in the ear also protects it from wind whistling or noise feedback that may occur with BTE models. This results in more natural sound quality.

Lyric Hearing Aids Reviews

Lyric Hearing Aids: The Downside and Prices

Lyric hearing aids are a suitable option for people diagnosed with mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss. However, unlike some hearing aid, people will need to be properly tested by a Lyric professional or an equivalent specialist to determine if the Lyric is the right solution for their hearing needs. It is important to point out that less than half of the people with hearing loss qualify to use Lyric. The decision is determined by a broad range of factors including the candidate’s ear size and shape. Candidate with particular medical conditions may also be considered ineligible.

Again, unlike Rosebud or Audition hearing aids, the Lyric hearing aid cannot be inserted without assistance. The insertion is usually performed in a specialist clinic during a visit. Even though this is an invasive procedure, insertions will not require any anesthesia but may take as much as an hour. The complicated nature of its installation means that patients will always need to be close to a Lyric specialist center, where they can find ready assistance if the need should ever arise.

Last but not least, the prices are expensive in 2012.

The Bottom Line

Lyric hearing aids are a suitable option for people who hate the idea of constantly inserting and removing their hearing aids and have no problem investing a lot of money for a more convenient solution. Lyric hearing aids are strong, fitted with some of the best technologies and can be worn with little discomfort.

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