hearing loss and yoga guest post

Help Treat Hearing Loss with Yoga

Hearing loss is a condition that could not be easily treated unlike other ailments and illnesses; most of
the time only its symptoms are treated or prevented. However, people suffering from hearing loss can
reduce the effects of the condition by means of natural remedies, such as yoga.

Yoga is a practice of improving a person’s wellbeing by means of postures and graceful movements,
as well as through meditation. Its routines allow the mind and soul to relax, while the senses are
rejuvenated. Since yoga is practiced in quiet environments, it helps a lot in treating hearing loss. But
how exactly does yoga fight the effects of hearing loss?

For one, yoga relaxes the muscles of the whole body, including that of the ears, which are mostly
delicate. Since the muscles are relaxed, they get to find time and space to breathe, rest, and finally
repel the stressors that they usually absorb on a regular day. Indeed the ears would feel shocked and
temporarily cease from functioning, but after a few minutes they get to adjust with the new settings of
the body and finally relax.

The routines performed in yoga also promote better blood circulation. One of the common reasons
why people experience hearing loss is because of the lack of blood flowing towards the ear muscles, as
they don’t get to absorb the oxygen they need in order to work properly. Through the routines the ears
become rejuvenated, not to mention strengthened and more vibrant.

The nerves are also stretched and massaged through the yoga postures and routines, and the ear
muscles also get to enjoy the same effects as that of the other parts of the body. With this taking place,
the auditory nerves are brought back to life, thus your hearing senses become much stronger than

Yoga is also practiced with soothing New Age music, and this is essential in alleviating hearing loss.
The music played during sessions and routines allow the ear muscles have a good time, thus they no
longer feel stressed and tired. After doing the routine, you would definitely feel more capable of hearing
sounds in different environments without feeling the pain or suffering from temporary hearing loss.

There are also forms of yoga which dwell mostly in meditation, such as Hatha yoga. Through these forms
of yoga, persons with hearing loss are able to feel more vibrations as they are exposed to more serene
environments. While they are suffering from hearing loss, they become more capable of enhancing their
other senses, such as the sense of touch, which in turn could grasp vibrations and support one’s hearing
to a significant degree.

When suffering from hearing loss, it is important that one should take time to relax and breathe, as the
ear muscles need more time to rest than the rest of the body. Doing so would help a lot in bringing their
strength back, so that one could finally enjoy hearing once again, even if the hearing abilities are already